Living Thanksgiving Day Experience In Vallarta

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As simple as expressing gratitude.

As Thanksgiving Day approaches, a warm welcome to those who have chosen this destination as their favorite place to celebrate. This year, on Thursday, November 23rd, it's an essential part of the United States' identity, a day for families to give thanks for the blessings received throughout the year, despite the possible trials they may have faced. Instituted as a national holiday by President Lincoln in 1863.

Some will experience it as a weekend getaway, while others will extend their stay for a medium or long-term visit. This includes retirees who have returned to their homes in the Mexican Pacific lands to spend an extended period that brings sunny well-being to their lives.

Let's briefly acknowledge what makes Puerto Vallarta, nestled between mountains and sea, an inevitable favorite for these celebrations—a special and significant place.

Certainly, the simple act of escaping the cold season, holiday shopping rush, and work routine, seeking refuge in the benevolent sun, sea, sand, and other benefits framing the celebration and enjoyment with family, partners, or friends also becomes a reason to be thankful.

The dinner that defines this traditional date offers a range of available alternatives to choose from and reserve. Or, as is the case every year, celebrate it anew at your favorite restaurant.

For greater convenience, whether in the south or north of Vallarta, the options are locatable in areas such as Centro, Olas Altas, La Versalles, or La Marina, catering to diverse culinary preferences, regardless of your location.

The gastronomic menu options are tantalizing, showcasing typical Thanksgiving flavors and seasonal dishes. From gourmet, minimalist, Mexican, vegan to casual atmospheres found within the vast array of restaurants—all seasoned with that special touch: the warmth in the service that distinguishes our people.

It's impossible to miss out on NFL American football, making it easy to choose gastronomic spaces designated for sports or sporting events for the thrill it brings. The tradition of watching games with family on Thanksgiving Day began in 1876 with a college match. In 1920, NFL games were incorporated.

Moreover, indulging in beach walks, water activities, exploring the town center, experiencing sunsets, cultural and gastronomic events, wine, beer, mezcal tastings, strolls along the boardwalk, visiting galleries, and magical towns are worthwhile.

In essence, the range of tours by sea, land, or jungle for relaxed, traditional, explorative, or adventurous tastes is incredibly attractive and enjoyable. What better way to deepen your interaction and enjoyment of Vallarta and the region!

Finally, as a vibrant tourist destination, thankful for being held within a space in your hearts. Thank you for allowing us to be part of the magic of your vacation experiences, weekend getaways, events, wedding celebrations, or special occasions, such as Thanksgiving Day.

Thus, igniting circles of gratitude like lights illuminating the actions of thankful hearts in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, and the world.

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