Pilgrimages Return To The Parish Of Guadalupe

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After having been suspended due to the pandemic, they are once again open to the public.

The pilgrimage for the Virgin of Guadalupe was led by Presbyter Arturo Arana Lopez, the new official pastor of the temple of Our Lady of Guadalupe, and the vicar, Father Francisco Aceves.

The community of Puerto Vallarta came to witness the pilgrimage which began as an opening for the following pilgrimages that will take place around the traditional celebration.

The people of Vallarta waited from early in the morning on Juarez Street to witness the march of the dancers and the people who joined in the walk along this street as a symbol of fraternity, as well as the war band, the allegorical car and the Catholics who were present.

Tourists were watching, as they really like the Mexican tradition, and enjoyed watching the dancers, some of them joined the contingent.

It is important to mention that this December 1st, the docenary begins with the participation of more than 420 pilgrimages from different institutions, parishes, businesses, hotels, restaurants and department stores, among many others.

This is one of the most outstanding traditions in the catholic field, since the people of Vallarta have consecrated their work, joys, challenges, and trust to the Virgin of Guadalupe, for which the collaborators of these hotels and businesses make a pilgrimage to give thanks to the Virgin of Guadalupe, as they have done for a long time; and that due to the restrictions of the pandemic it had not been possible to continue with this tradition.

There will be 12 days of pilgrimages during the day, from the first to the 12th of December.

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