Preparations Underway For Pilgrimages In Puerto Vallarta

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Our Lady of Guadalupe Temple in Puerto Vallarta Takes Center Stage

Everything is set for the grand commencement of the pilgrimages in Puerto Vallarta. Starting from December 1st, hundreds of pilgrimages will kick off, an annual offering from the people of this beautiful port city to their deities.

It has become a longstanding tradition among the citizens, specifically tied to the name of the founders of Puerto Vallarta and the former official name of this picturesque tourist destination, once a fishing village.

It all began on December 12, 1851, when Don "Guadalupe" Sánchez Torres, his wife Ambrosia Carrillo, and a few friends christened it as Las Peñas de Santa María de "Guadalupe." The date, coinciding with the Catholic celebration of the Virgin of Guadalupe, along with the name of the Founder and the name of the town, gave rise to a celebration three times as significant. Since then, it has been commemorated as a grand festival.

The Parish of Our Lady of Guadalupe serves as the epicenter of the traditional nine-day celebration organized by the people of Puerto Vallarta, which has remained vibrant for over a decade. During that period, the entire community professed the Catholic religion, and thus the activity was carried out with devotion and dedication. Today, having evolved into a tradition, the community eagerly anticipates the festivity. Hundreds of Vallartans, adherents of other faiths, also participate in the custom of journeying in honor of Tonantzin Tlalli, also known as the Virgin of Guadalupe.

Morelos Street, in the heart of Puerto Vallarta, becomes a hub of activity with Aztec dancers, floats, representations of the Virgin, shepherds, mariachis, marching bands, drums, musicians of various genres, and numerous Mexican food stalls. All of this attracts a considerable number of tourists who come year after year to revel in this magnificent celebration organized by the people of Puerto Vallarta.

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