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It has been 12 continuous days of pilgrimages in Puerto Vallarta.

This morning a multitude of people walked along Juarez Street until they reached the Parish of Our Lady of Guadalupe, as a symbol of the faith they have for the Catholic Church, being the Virgin Mary, the "King of Heaven".

These faithful Catholics represent the different hotels, in which they collaborate and as a way of giving thanks to the Virgin of Guadalupe for their work and blessings they have received during the year; they have made these pilgrimages for twelve consecutive days where more than 400 pilgrimages have arrived to the temple to continue with the tradition.

These people have walked great distances just to visit the Virgin of Guadalupe, and to continue receiving blessings throughout the year.

During the early morning of this Monday, December 12th, several parishes made their pilgrimage to celebrate the day of the Virgin of Guadalupe in honor of the image that has the catholic tradition site that is visited in its enclosure of the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe, in Mexico City and throughout the country by millions of catholic faithful, so this afternoon the arrival of the antorchistas who come from the Basilica of Mexico and will be arriving today to Puerto Vallarta is expected.

It is a group of Vallartenses that left on Friday, after carrying the Guadalupan torch from Puerto Vallarta to the Basilica in Mexico City. There are a total of 60 antorchistas that started their way back to this city with the sacred fire.

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