Hotel Shows In Crisis.

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The hotel industry is looking for a reform in its offers and services.

Around 1990, the "All Inclusive" hotels launched their proposals and entertainment offers where night shows were a preponderant hook for the realization of the sale to tourism. The first two decades went by with great evolution as they competitively searched which hotel offered the best show.

During the first H1N1 flu pandemic, the hotel shows received a hard blow since the low occupancy forced the businessmen to limit the shows and with this hundreds of artists, including musicians and dancers, were severely affected.

But the storm did not last so long because after 2 years everything was back to normal, with some limitations.

This is due to the fact that the first thing they cut at the beginning of the crisis were the shows and the last thing they restored were the shows.

But the worst crisis of the shows came with the COVID-19 Pandemic that destroyed the possibilities of returning to the levels that had been obtained.

After the reestablishment of the tourist trade, many hotels did not invest in shows again, or have limited their offers to cheaper and easier to develop shows such as Casino Games, Karaoke, etcetera.

A new era is beginning and the Hotel Industry is going through the opportunity to reform the offers and services for national and international tourism, where the best levels of entertainment are sought, not only for the benefit of the artists, but also for the great possibilities of remaining at the forefront of tourism at a national level.

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