Predicting a Good Summer for Vallarta

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With the upward trend of US tourism, according to the Tourism Trust, there are already reservations for 30% of hotel occupancy.

Although the return of Canadian tourism is still uncertain, the upward trend of the US market will favor Puerto Vallarta to have a good summer, to the extent that for now 30% of the inventory is reserved, reported the director of the Tourism Trust , Luis Villaseñor Nolasco.

He explained that since last year a delay was in sight in the 2020-2021 winter season, and this is what we are seeing. Frequencies are already increasing considerably, United Airlines announced 20% of its connectivity from May to October and in addition, other airlines have continued to arrive.

"So we are seeing… the growing demand that there is for the next few months and this has a lot to do with the fact that vaccination has advanced. We already see the arrival of more tourists… as the United States advances."

He added that looking at the hotel books of what would be the projection for the summer, July-August, there is already 30% in reserved inventory, recalling that this year the ceiling has been 66%.

"Then almost 50 percent of our inventory is reserved, if that percentage were maintained. Since it cannot be ruled out that a higher occupation could be allowed, to follow the state of Jalisco evolving positively in the fight against Covid.”

“With the above, it is clear that in the summer there will be that different component of an important presence of international tourists, since it has always been a period characterized by the national market. We hope that a good summer will close due to these conditions that are occurring.”

He said that recently the usual arrival of tourists from Aguascalientes was also registered at a good level, which allowed that weekend to close with about 40% occupancy.

"We are doing well, we hope that we continue with this good streak, as a result of the good work that has been done in the hotel sector."

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