Springbreakers' Arrival Is Approaching

Tourism News
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Tourism authorities ask establishments to provide a good service.

At least 4 thousand "spring breakers" are expected in Puerto Vallarta, who visit the beach destinations during this time of the year close to spring.

Several companies in Puerto Vallarta operate the groups of "spring breakers" coming from different regions of the American Union, who will undoubtedly leave a good income in restaurants, bars, stores and hotels.

Generally they are classified as having a high purchasing power since studying in the United States at the university level is quite expensive and they not only stay in hotels, but there are also those who rent houses in high end subdivisions and spend in different sectors of the destination.

Tourism authorities emphasize to attend these visitors with warmth, since in the future they could become heads of families visiting the destination as a group. It should be noted that this beautiful city is considered "friendly", so Vallartenses are very kind and helpful people as well as friendly, which is one of the interesting attractions that foreign tourists like a lot.

If the tourist has a good experience in Puerto Vallarta, tomorrow as professionals or even when they have a family of their own, it is very likely that they will return to this destination they visited during their student days.
Tourism at this time of the year has decided to travel and not to stay cooped up, so a good number of them are expected to visit restaurants and entertainment places such as zip lines, ocean tours, bars and sea activities, which is expected to leave a great economic revenue.

Years ago these young people traveled alone or in groups with friends, now they may come accompanied by their parents and siblings, although they do not stay in the same place, so the "spring breakers" can be seen in streets and restaurants in the downtown