Unrecognized Charges for Card Use Detected

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Debit card charges are increasing in applications such as Uber, Telcel, Rappi and some others.

Users of credit or debit cards report a constant increase in unrecognised charges for the current use of these in mobile phone applications, which appear with the code Adynmex and represent sums that can range from 10 pesos to more than 900 pesos, allegedly spent on Uber, Spotify, Rappi, Telcel, and some other companies with the possibility of making payments from the smartphone. Those affected report that the charges can occur very frequently, even two or three times a week with different amounts, the complainants notice the charges when they log into their applications and check their balance and recent movements. There are unknown amounts that are mostly from companies that operate online.


It seems that the most widely used apps and the ones from which most unrecognised amounts are perceived are the transport apps Uber and InDrive, as well as food delivery apps such as Uber Eats, Rappi, and some others in this market that charge different amounts on different dates in the same week without the user receiving proof of payment at the time of the supposed purchase. A BBVA executive explained that this type of fraud has become common with the use of applications on mobile phones where card details such as the card number, CVV number and expiry date are entered, the basic data with which a purchase can be made. The banking expert recommended using the so-called "electronic cards" to make an effective purchase. This is a modality that is accessed from the same banking application, right where the use of the card, you can see that the electronic card option appears, so that in each purchase a unique personal identification number is generated, without which a purchase does not proceed, which represents a padlock or shield so that purchases cannot be made without the customer's authorisation. This type of situation occurs every day, which is why BBVA already has an automatic system for refunding funds, so that any amounts not recognised are reimbursed immediately.

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