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Tourist is surprised by a crocodile that was on the beach at night, so she suffered an attack on her leg.

An attentive and respectful call is made by the authorities to the people, locals and tourists, not to visit the beaches at night, particularly the beaches of Marina and Boca de Tomates, since these are areas close to the crocodile habitat, increasing the possibility of an unwanted encounter between humans and crocodiles, which implies the possibility of an aggression due to the territorial nature of the species. In this case, the Municipal Civil Protection Unit asked tourists and locals in general, not to visit the beaches, especially the Marina beach at night, since it is a place where there are usually sightings of crocodiles that move or go hunting from the golf course or from the mouth of the El Salado estuary.

In view of the recent news of a crocodile attacking a North American tourist who was staying at Marina Vallarta and who visited the beach at night, the experts mentioned the importance of paying attention to the warnings posted in the hotels informing that these are areas prone to crocodile habitat, which move frequently and with greater regularity during the rainy season. Crocodiles do not seek encounters with humans, said the head of Civil Protection, Adrián Bobadilla, but unfortunately it happens that some people, more out of unconsciousness than ignorance, go to the beaches at night and this causes them to encounter a specimen, since they usually go out when human activity decreases to look for their prey, either on land, in the rivers or sometimes in the sea. Several studies carried out in the bay affirm that there is not an excessive number in the region, there is no proliferation of the species, but if you enter the area where they live it is likely that you will have an unwanted encounter.

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5 cruise lines to operate under strict protocols.

The big news of the week that concluded was that cruise ships can now legally sail in Alaska thanks to the "Alaska Tourism Restoration Act being passed by the U.S. Senate" and will now go to President Joe Biden to go into effect.

The downside of this announcement is that cruise lines must still comply with guidelines set for restarting activity by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). With the passage of the bill, introduced by Alaska Senators Lisa Murkowski and Dan Sullivan, cruise ships can now sail from Seattle to 2021 ports without the requirement to call in Canada.

The bill was approved by senators in a unanimous vote. This legislation includes a temporary extension of the Passenger Vessel Service Act that requires foreign-flagged ships to call at a foreign country when traveling between U.S. ports. The 135-year-old law was a protectionist measure designed to protect U.S. ports and shipbuilding from foreign competition. Following the announcement, several shipping lines have announced their first Alaska cruises this summer. SHIPPING LINES PLAN TO RETURN IN JULY Carnival Corporation expects three of its cruise lines, Carnival Cruise Line, Princess Cruises and Holland America Line, to return to U.S. service beginning in July with Alaska sailings from the homeport of Seattle. Each of the cruise lines will put into service beginning in July a ship with roundtrip departures from Seattle that will require passengers to be fully vaccinated.

Arnold Donald, CEO of Carnival Corporation said, "We are thrilled to once again be able to serve our U.S. guests and express our deep appreciation to all the national, state and local officials who have worked collaboratively with us, the CDC and our entire industry to make this happen. And, he added, "This is great news for all cruisers, for travelers ready to explore the world, and for all the communities in Alaska that depend on cruising and have suffered great hardship over the past year." Princess Cruises, Holland America Line, and Carnival Cruise Line are working to prepare for the return to service in Alaska again according to the press release itself. These Alaska itineraries are available to passengers who have received their final dose of an approved covid-19 vaccine at least 14 days prior to the start of the cruise and have proof of vaccination.

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Night clubs, bars and casinos at 75%, this was announced by the Members of the Health Board

Hotels and motels in the state of Jalisco, including those in Puerto Vallarta and the entire north and south coast of the state, will be able to operate again at 100% of their capacity, as before the coronavirus pandemic. This was announced this Monday by members of the Health Board of the government of Jalisco, who informed that the hotel sector will also be able to operate at 80% capacity in its common areas, convention and exhibition halls. According to the Mesa de Salud Jalisco, restaurants may operate at 90% of their capacity during the hours indicated in their license.

Bars, Night Clubs And Casinos In the case of bars, night clubs, nightclubs and casinos, they may open at 75% of their capacity, as long as they continue to respect all health safety measures for their personnel and customers. With the new sanitary measures, recreational activities and the use of forums for events with up to 150 people are allowed, although the restriction to make last minute offers is maintained. In event halls, up to 400 people may gather in closed spaces and 800 in open-air events. In government offices, a capacity of 80% was authorized. Workshops, artistic academies and tourist transportation may have a capacity of 85%. The same level was authorized for cinemas, theaters, forums, museums, galleries, gymnasiums, water parks and cultural centers.

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