3 New Leaders the Second Day of Fishing

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PescaOnly Opequimar team managed to stay a leader in its category, gold with a record of 20.2 kilos, the rest of the species: marlin, sailfish and tuna,

have new leaders after the second day of competition of 57 International Fishing Tournament Marlin and Puerto Vallarta Sailfish 2012 and is expected yet this Saturday afternoon there will be many more moves in what will be the final day of the event.
 In the species of marlin, the package of bills totaling 200,000 pesos bag changed yesterday afternoon when the team was presented Montana Fishermen who presented a copy of 175.8 kilograms to register as the new leader of the tournament. Second place belongs to the first day who had a marlin of 171 kilograms and in third place is Magañas team with a record of 134.8 kilograms.
 In the sailfish is Under Surveillance team leader, who yesterday presented a copy of 34.6 kilos, while in the second place belongs to Los Juanes who yesterday also took a candle and 34.2 kilos in third place is a Happy Hookers copy of 33 kilos that showed on Thursday.
 In the species of Tuna, yesterday there was a double movement, because the leaders of the first day, Ana Maria, sent them to third place. The second place belongs to Kokomo record 63.5 kilos and now leaders are Guatuna fishermen with a record of 91.7 kilograms.
 The only team that remained from day one leader was Opequimar, who are the leaders of the kind of gold to a record of 20.2 kilos, in the second place team Club America with 15.7 kilos and third place belongs Los Tolos with record of 15.6 kilos.
 Today concludes the International Fishing Tournament in Puerto Vallarta and say there are still many stories to learn. The weighing of the final day will be from 2:00 to 6:00 pm and the awards ceremony will be at 6:45 pm.

[readon1 url="http://www.vallartatoday.com"]Source:www.vallartatoday.com - Translation by Suyapa Ajuria Nov. 10, 2012[/readon1]