Ángel Reyna could end up not playing

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partidoThe prospects of the national team member look dimmer each time, given that if he can't be fitted in the Draft of national team members or in a foreign country, the midfielder could end up not playing.

Luis Miguel Salvador, Sport President of the blue-light team, made it clear once more that the soccer player doesn't have a place in the institution, for which his manager José Manuel Sanz, continues in the search for an opportunity in a foreign country, after Pachuca didn't offer to buy him.

"No, he will not remain in the club, the manager told us. We were all clear and he told us that his intention was to search, I think that there was a possibility with Ángel Reyna in Europe, and he was going to exhaust that option", said the manager.

-And what if it didn't materialize?- "He will end up not playing", answered Salvador unequivocally on his way out from the club office.

To continue in the Premier League of Mexican soccer, Reyna and his manager have up to next July 12th, end date to register a player into the Mexican team, otherwise he will have to go exclusively to a foreign league or definitely stop for 6 months.


Even though there is talk about a supposed interest from Italian clubs for the young Jesús Manuel Corona, Salvador assured that up to now they continue without a formal offer from behalf of any group from Europe.

"We have not had any information" We are going to keep waiting, the only information we have is through the manager, officially we don't have information of an interested club, if at some moment a proposal was formally made then we would analyze it. In the mean time they are mere suppositions.

[readon1 url="http://www.nnc.mx/deportes/1371289005.php"]Source:www.nnc.mx- Translation by Mr Rene Tripp[/readon1]