Audi And Porsche Club Members Cruise in Mexico

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It’s true that many supercar fans share their taste with some sports such as football, but for those that don’t feel quite attracted to it there are always some other things to do during the weekend like, say taking your car out for a morning cruise.

Some members of the Audi R8 and Porsche clubs reunited this time in Puebla, Mexico to do just that and we got a ride to capture these wonderful images for you. Two Audi R8 V10s arrived, one of those being a V10 Plus, as well as a supercharged 996 Carrera 4S, a 996 Turbo, and a 997 and 991 Carrera S Porsches. Being a small group made thing easier since the improvised route presented little traffic and they could stay close to each other for a better highway speeding experience. That’s of course illegal, don’t try it at home.

Going back and forth to Cuautla proved to be quite fascinating because of the lack of other drivers since the Mexico vs Netherlands game was on, and great times went by when pushing both VAG cousins to their limits trying to find which was better at attacking corners at high speed. Averaging 250 km/h, the route didn’t last more than twenty minutes on each side so the drivers decided to repeat the whole trail one more time.

It is a great thing to share a passion for something, some enjoy football games but these mad man love racing with their friends in amazing cars. The way a 996 Carrera 4S could stick right at an R8s tail was true testimony of how many hours has the owner spent perfecting his technique at the track, and how well those cars were designed and built back then.

When flooring it on a long straight, the R8 V10 Plus stayed a couple cars space ahead the normal V10, but once getting to the corners their performance was similar. The 991 Carrera S showed the magic of the latest chassis and all the tune that has been put together to create a magnificent daily driver that can put those V10s at serious trouble when it hits the rev limiter.

We’re glad there’s always a supercar fan enjoying his or her car and sharing it with us, and this time is no exception. By the way, which of those would you have chosen if given the chance to race against the others? Feel free to comment, leave your thoughts and share with your friends this exclusive gallery.

Audi VS Porsche no football

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