Description, Origins, and Rules of Soccer (Football)

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Soccer is a team sport played between two teams of 11 players each and a referee, the object is to move the ball across the field to try to locate it within the opposing goal and put the ball into the goal by a goal , which is important for a professional football game 90 minutes, a player, depending on their position, runs between 6 and 11 kilometers. Football is one of the most popular sports worldwide, both popular and professional levels. But the history of football, far from always linked to the greatness of a popular sport, has been subject to the vicissitudes of history and adapting to each culture up to become what we know today as football

The history of football could start in ancient Egypt, since during the third century BC was made a ball game as part of fertility rite, which was practiced something similar to handball. However in China had already invented the leather ball a century earlier, when Fu-Hi, inventor and one of the five great rulers of ancient China, created a spherical mass gathering several hard roots shaped bristles to that rawhide coated; born with this leather ball, with which he played just to pass from hand to hand. Continue football history in ancient Greece, where Homer became even alluding also to a ball game, which they called "esfaira" or "esferomagia".

In the early nineteenth century began to undergo the "dribble-game" in public schools and went on to major universities (Oxford, Cambridge) where he wrote the first rules (the first regulation of Cambridge appeared in 1848) and in 1863 he founded the football Association, born called "modern game", or "Association Football" and separating the current rugby game. The separation between the rugby and football or soccer emerged in British Rugby University, where he began to play sport that allowed catch the ball with your hands and run with it.

The name "soccer" comes from the English word "football", which means "foot" and "ball."

The game consists of two teams playing a game, everyone can have a maximum of 11 players in the field, and not less than 7, although the latter number may vary depending on the competition. One of the players must be the goalkeeper. In official competitions may be made up to 3 changes in one game per team, and the bank may take 3 to 7 alternates, depending on the rules of the competition. For international team matches "A", you may have up to six substitutes on the bench.
The referee is the one who has full authority to enforce the rules of the game in the match to which he has been appointed. Besides the referee two assistant referees, who are responsible for helping the referee in making individual decisions by its location in the field.
Each match is played over two periods of 45 minutes each, unless mutually agreed between the referee and the two participating teams otherwise agreed. Prior to the start of the game, the captains of both teams meet with the referee in the midfield. One chooses one side of a coin to be launched by the referee. The player who guesses which side the coin fell towards that goal must choose his team attack, while the other party starts moving in midfield.

FIFA Official Rules 2010-2011

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