Manny Pacquiao is Suspended From Boxing After Marquez Fight

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amannyLast Saturday right after the boxing match, the Nevada Athletic Commission conducted a doping test after Manny Pacquiao recovered from the devastating knockout by Marquez, where he pulled of a victory with only two seconds left on the clock of the sixth round.

For the Pacquiao fans who were claiming that Marquez may have been using illegal substances to increase his physical endurance and strength, the doping test results that came back negative for both boxers cleared any of those doubts right away.

Due to the knockout that Pacquiao suffered in the fight, he has now been suspended for four months where he will not be allowed to schedule any matches within this time period, and must stay away from doing any type of physical activity that is related to boxing.

His suspension is for medical reasons, and will undergo several brain examinations to make sure he did not suffer any long term damage.

Pacquiao will not be able to fight anytime soon, and the earliest that the Filipino fighter is expected to be back in the ring is until September 2013.

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