Campaign to Raise Awareness Among Young People not to Litter in Streets and Avenues

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Recently a group of young volunteers cleaned one of the important avenues of this port, managing to collect 50 garbage bags with approximately 350 plastic bottles per bag, as well as some metal cans, diapers, clothes, and mouth covers among other things.


It should be noted that we could notice the excess of plastics that people throw away, recyclable by-products of the large production of the companies that manufacture these soft drinks; which unfortunately end up in the streets polluting the city, and in turn travel from one place to another in times of rain. 

With the "War against Litter" campaign, a series of actions will be carried out to keep the city clean, according to John Benus, who is in charge of this task.

It is important for people to know that when garbage is thrown away, it is not easily absorbed by the soil or disintegrated, but can remain in place for years without being removed or disposed of on its own.

Paper can take up to a year to disintegrate, glass 4 thousand years or more, aluminum cans can take from 200 to 500 years, and plastic bottles can take from 500 to a thousand years to disintegrate on their own. All of these products are recyclable, if only people would take the time to separate them, and do whatever they could to encourage recycling in their neighborhood.

It is very important for us not to throw garbage in streets and avenues, as well as on beaches and in the sea, since the marine fauna is seriously affected when we throw garbage and we are not responsible for our actions.