A Hidden Clinic For Vallarta Residents.

General Health
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The Pitillal Health Center, Puerto Vallarta.

The former Rafael Cueva Zepeda Health Center is located at Abasolo 88 in the Leandro Valle neighborhood of the Pitillal Delegation in our municipality of Puerto Vallarta, right between Libertad Street, which leads to the junction with Francisco Villa Avenue, before the Pitillal River Bridge. And yes, it is indeed one of the most hidden clinics in all of Puerto Vallarta, although once you find it, it's easy to get there.

And if you are Mexican, it doesn't matter if you are not from Puerto Vallarta, you have the right to receive free medical consultations and even receive medications completely free of charge. Public attention is from Monday to Saturday from 7 am to 4 pm, although, according to them, the file (necessary protocol for the free consultation and preparation of the record) only opens from Monday to Friday, so Saturdays will almost always be empty. The contact number is 55 51 32 12 50 and you can also request more information at the following email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. which is an email from the Jalisco Health Secretariat, an institution that operates from the government of the State of Jalisco as a decentralized public organization.

This health center was created on April 1, 1989, 35 years ago and since then it has operated with great efficiency, offering free public health to Vallarta citizens and the few national tourists who manage to find its location or who are taken by Vallarta locals.

This demonstrates that Puerto Vallarta addresses public health problems effectively and provides humanitarian opportunities for all, except for foreigners; however, this health center is linked to the Regional Hospital where foreigners receive services by paying a small amount. Remember that for emergencies, everyone, including nationals and locals, should go to the Regional Hospital, not to the Health Center.