Convenience Stores, No Sanitation Measures

General Health
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High importance to protect yourself when accessing many convenience stores.

A person commented to this media that a young man of 18 years old, infected with the coronavirus, asked him to buy him a medicine, but he, knowing that he was infected, refused, because he was afraid of being infected when he took the money or approached him, so the young man entered a store and nobody knew he was a patient with covid-19, he bought and paid with a bill in the grocery store, of course he did not tell the lady who attends that he was sick with covid-19; so now the lady is already infected and even worse the people who come in to buy and she with her own hands gives bills and picks up coins. We wonder how many people enter convenience stores in a day (the famous corner stores), which do not have sanitary measures because the government does not regulate them, and they are a high risk, a focus of contagion. If you go to a shopping mall or a Soriana, or Walmart to mention a few, they require you to use antibacterial gel and wear masks; based on this Vallarta Today, was given the task of looking for these places and this is what we found; when we went to buy a soda, they did not ask us for anything, there was nothing, not even gel, mat and much less temperature marker, so we confirmed what the young man had reported to us.

The government should regulate these convenience stores because it is a fact that commercial stores do not have this problem, but nevertheless the corner stores do not ask you for anything and you can enter perfectly well without masks and nothing happens and nobody regulates them. Hotels, restaurants and businesses are being regulated by the government with a magnifying glass, however we find that the corner stores do not and the contagions are advancing daily like gunpowder. The explanation is very simple, the virus is transmitted from one person to another, either by sneezing or by touching objects and especially money that circulates from one hand to another, and to hundreds and thousands, which is effectively a very fast way of contagion and the virus is advancing every day and in Puerto Vallarta nobody regulates this type of business and doctors cannot explain why there are so many contagions now, This did not happen before during the peak of the pandemic because these places did not operate during the pandemic, only the big shopping malls who have always demanded security measures. It is recommended not to enter these places if they do not have these measures, let's stop this as citizens if the authorities do not do it, we are already in orange traffic light and we could easily go up to red and if that happens there is a risk of stopping activities again.